Holistic Bodywork by Courtney:

The Experience…

Awaken Your Health will help to inspire and support you on your journey towards creating a healthy, balanced body and life. Enjoy exceptional, holistic bodywork therapies to restore connection and positive integration of life’s stresses so you can maintain well-being, have more energy and enjoy a fulfilling, active life.

We also offer Integrative Health Coaching. Giving you the support to successfully reach your goals for a healthy, balanced weight, optimal digestion, vital energy and well-being.

Your session will begin with a thorough health consultation to better customize your experience to suit your specific needs and goals.

Massage Therapy …

Deep Tissue

A massage that deeply works into the muscles, helping to release chronic stress and muscle strain while also improving range of motion in joints.


Perfect for athletes who train hard for competitive events and need to keep muscles and joints relaxed & ready to perform.


Smooth, flowing, Swedish strokes are used to help calm the mind and body. Pressure is matched to suit your comfort level.


Foot Reflexology

  • Reflex points on the feet connect to all areas of the body. The reflex points on the feet are held or rubbed using a special technique. Clients experience deep relaxation, improved circulation & balance to the body’s functions.
  • Can be added into any massage session.


  • Comfort-based massage tailored to the needs of the person going through cancer, cancer treatment or recovery. Special attention is made to the changing physical and emotional needs of the client. The focus of the massage is to safely offer support for the person using non-invasive therapies that cultivate relaxation, wholeness and relief from the challenges of having cancer.
  • *A doctor’s permission is required for patients who are currently undergoing treatment for cancer or within one year.

Consultation Form

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    1 hour $100
    1 & ½ hours $150

Enjoy a Therapeutic Massage in The Comfort of Your Home.

Serving the Greater Asheville Area.

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