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Courtney Cox, CHC, LMBT
Women’s Transformational Health Coach & Bodywork Therapist:

My Mission is to Help Women Awaken Their Health and to Create a Relationship with Themselves That is Nourishing and Supportive.

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach
  • Lic. Massage & Bodywork Therapist
  • NC LMBT# 7195
  • Professional Member of The American Massage Therapy Association

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I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.” ~ Mother Teresa

The Meaning Behind the Awaken Your Health Logo…

The lotus flower has always been a beautiful symbol for me.

Though my spiritual journey has led me to devoting my life to Christ, I still find wisdom to be gleaned from other religions.  In Buddhism, the white lotus flower is a symbol of purity and awakening.  As the bud of the lotus flower rises from the mud, through the murky water, reaching towards the light, it unfolds its petals and shines its beauty for all to see.  We too are on our own life journey and will experience our own “murky” waters.  If we continue reaching towards the light by making healthy life choices, then we can create the environment in which we need in order to grow into the fullness of our divine beauty.

“May we all awaken to our own light, so we can shine our radiance for all to see.”
-Courtney Cox

It doesn’t matter where we have come from or what we may have gone through in life, we can always begin reaching towards the light. Some people call this light by many names- be it grace, The Holy Spirit, love or peace.  This light purifies our mind, our body and awakens our spirit.  When we reach towards this light, we make choices that help to uplift, inspire and connect us to more of those qualities of love, peace, joy and wholeness.  We let go of the parts of us that no longer serve us in a positive way.

Belief systems or habits taught to us by our parents or society no longer have hold over us or define who we are and the choices we make.  We become empowered to consciously create a life that aligns us with the highest vision of ourselves.  This may look like being free from an addiction or letting go of a pain-filled past and having hope for a brighter future or cultivating kindness and compassion within oneself.

We’re all on this journey together.  Reaching for the light is exactly how I have transformed my own life and suffering.  Now I truly am living a life of such grace, richness and joy.  Every one of my challenges has been a gift in disguise.  They have all helped shape me into becoming who I am today and for that I’m very grateful.

My Call to Healing…

My teenage years were extremely challenging for me. I struggled with a lot of the issues many young women face; feeling very insecure, having low self-esteem and self-worth, and a ton of anger about some of dynamics in my family.  I struggled to know how to have and maintain healthy relationships with men during these years.  Being in a healthy relationship with a man was foreign to me.  I kept repeating cycles of abuse and abandonment.  All of this was very traumatic and devastating. During this time, I was actively partying, using alcohol, drugs and smoking.  I suffered several sexual traumas, which left me feeling broken, ashamed, angry and alone.  I was struggling with undiagnosed PTSD and chronic depression.

My parents didn’t know how to help me in the way I needed so I was either going to shape up or be sent away to boarding school.  Something inside me said, “I would have to do it on my own.”  My saving grace was my gift for massage, which began when I was five years old.  I started giving massages to my older sister and my friends later in life.  In my junior year of high school, I chose to do a career report on massage therapy.

After interviewing a couple of massage therapists, I knew this was what I wanted to do.  I also knew I needed a special school because I had a lot of healing to work through. Luckily, I found The Atlanta School of Massage.  I began my training in The Clinical Program of ASM in the fall of 2000.  Finally, I was doing what I loved and was thriving! During the second half of school I signed up for as many classes as I could.  I started going to school seven days a week for many months at a time.  I was receiving massages almost every day as well as private sessions from my teachers.  I experienced one healing after another.

Being in that environment was so instrumental for my healing and growth.  On one afternoon, I was walking home from school.  I looked up to see the sky and the trees all around me.  Things looked different.  I was literally seeing a noticeable brightness to the sky and trees, more so than I had ever seen in my life.  Something was different.  I was changing.  This was the beginning of my awakening.

After school, my life continued to grow.  I started my own business.  I passionately sought to develop myself, learning about healing foods and other transformational therapies, like radical forgiveness.   I worked on creating a loving, healthy relationship with myself and deepening in my relationship with God.  I got married and later we had our daughter.

Life had its ups and downs. Things got harder again when my then-husband suffered a traumatic leg injury leaving him unable to walk for four months and with no money coming in.  I was pregnant with our second child while also homeschooling my four-year-old daughter.  Once his health returned, we were looking forward to the birth of our son as being the light at the end of a very long tunnel.  I was 41 weeks pregnant and went to see my midwife to help encourage labor only to discover my son no longer had a heartbeat.  Suffering the devastating loss of my son and journeying his birth was one hardest experiences of my life.

Two years later, we decided we wanted a positive change for our family and set off to live in Boulder, Colorado.  During our time there I felt deeply called to helping people who were journeying cancer.  Fortunately, we lived only 45 minutes away from one of the top oncology massage schools in the country.  The school worked in relationship with a Denver hospital. I was able to work directly with patients in the chemo, radiation, in-patient units and hospice.   It was an indescribable experience.

One of the most transformative healing experiences of my life was during a Trauma Touch class.  During my class I had a deep healing and was able to transform the pain and suffering from the loss of my son.  Afterwards, I felt a deep sense of peace, love and wholeness from within.  Being touched by the death of a loved one changes you, but to be able to transform the devastation into peace and wholeness and love, is the most incredible gift.  I’m sorry to say there are many women who’ve gone through similar experiences and are still carrying the heavy burden from it.  My wish would be for all women to have better access to these transformational therapies, so they too can live in more peace.

My personal journey has inspired me to support others on a much deeper level.  My Women’s Transformational Wellness Program creates a supportive environment to help women in overcoming their own stress, depression, anxiety or health challenges with the use of various holistic modalities, which includes Integrative Nutrition Coaching to Support Brain and Gut Health, Spiritual-Life Coaching and Bodywork Therapies for Relaxation and Stress-Relief.

We all need a positive, supportive, nurturing environment to evolve ourselves and our lives, so we can experience more happiness, fulfillment, and better health.  It is my pleasure and joy to share with you all the wisdom, knowledge, and healing therapies that have blessed and transformed my life.

When I’m not working, I love creating fun time with daughter, friends and family.  I also love making delicious and nutritious, healing foods.  I love to move, so I make time to regularly exercise and go dancing when I can.  Each month I volunteer at the Women’s Recovery Center helping them learn how to create sustainable, healthy lifestyle practices for themselves and their children.

“Life is a wonderful gift and it’s one I don’t take for granted. I hope my work can help to awaken and inspire you in living your fullest life possible.” 

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Wishing You an Abundance of Health & Joy!
Courtney Cox