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Courtney Cox, CHC, LMBT
Women’s Transformational Life Coach:

My Mission is to Help Women Awaken Their Joy through coaching strategies that help Transform their Body, Mind & Spirit.”

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach
  • Lic. Massage & Bodywork Therapist
  • NC LMBT# 7195
  • Professional Member of The American Association for Drugless Practitioners
  • Professional Member of The American Massage Therapy Association

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Helping Women to Achieve Greater Levels of Health & Happiness…


The Meaning Behind My Logo…

The lotus flower has always been a beautiful symbol for me.

Though my spiritual journey has led me to devoting my life to Christ, I still find wisdom to be gleaned from other religions.  In Buddhism, the white lotus flower is a symbol of purity and awakening.  As the bud of the lotus flower rises from the mud, through the murky water, reaching towards the light, it unfolds its petals and shines its beauty for all to see.  We too are on our own life journey and will experience our own “murky” waters.  If we continue reaching towards the light by making healthy life choices, then we can create the environment in which we need in order to grow into the fullness of our divine beauty.

“May we all awaken to our own light, so we can shine our radiance for all to see.”
-Courtney Cox


Courtney Cox, CHC and LMBT, is a transformational life coach, trained holistic health educator certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and professional member of the American Association for Drugless Practitioners.  She has over 19 years experience in the healing profession as a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, and over four years as a certified transformational health coach. Courtney is gifted with deep listening skills, a strong intuitive nature and a compassionate heart. She’s passionate about empowering others to deepen their spiritual connection and to walk in health and wholeness.

Courtney maintains her own private practice, while also working in collaboration with Dr. Cynthia Libert, M. D. at Caring for the Body, PLLC.


If you would like to learn more about working with Courtney, please call or email at (828) 398-9339


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Wishing You an Abundance of Health & Joy!
Courtney Cox