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Courtney creates a unique and integrative care plan for each of her clients using the best skills she has to offer that will support you in enjoying a balanced, healthy, fulfilling life & feeling transformed.

My mission is to help women awaken their health and to create a relationship with themselves that is nourishing and supportive.

A transformational wellness program to improve your health and create more joy in your life. Create a life you love from the inside out. Feel the Joy!


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Life in Balance

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Healthy Recipes

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My doctor recommended Courtney …

“My doctor recommended Courtney to help me with my anxiety and working through a past emotional trauma, which I felt were causing some of my digestive issues.  Courtney has really helped me!  She asks just the right questions to help me better identify deeper issues.  She would send encouraging texts in between sessions that were really valuable for me as well.  Just knowing I was going to see Courtney to have her help me walk through my feelings felt very supportive.  This program has helped give me the hope to live a life of creativity, lightness and energy.  I’ve realized my thought patterns and how I can shift how I’m feeling.  It’s Amazing! 

My husband is always encouraging me to see Courtney because I always feel so much better afterwards.”

~ Rebekah R.

I’ve been under a great deal of stress…

… working 7 days a week rehabbing my home.  It was tremendously stressful.  During that stressful period I had completely stopped exercising and eating healthy.  My energy was very low and I was prone to mood swings.  My sleep was not good.  I had terrible reflux and this was all very different from my norm. Normally I enjoy do enjoy taking care of myself.  Now that my big home project has finished, I have been having a lot of difficulty getting back into a healthy lifestyle.  I’d been craving lots of sugary foods and really had difficulty getting back to my healthy habits.  I’d worked with Courtney before and I knew she would be able to help me again.  After our first session I was spontaneously inspired to quit eating all the sugary foods I’d been craving.  I’ve already lost 2 lbs since our first session.  Courtney has also helped me with feeling a deeper sense of peace and creating healthy relationships.”  – K. Jahn

Courtney is a true healer!

~ Constance Vlahoulis, artist

Courtney Cox is a truly gifted …

… health coach and body work practitioner. She is extraordinarily intuitive, talented, kind and compassionate and offers a unique blend of therapeutic massage, nutrition education and spiritual coaching to facilitate deep healing for her clients. I have benefited from her work personally, and recommend her highly to my patients suffering with stress-related disorders, anxiety, depression and digestive problems or anyone who desires a greater level of self-care and needs a trusted guide on their healing journey.

Cynthia Libert, M.D.
Functional Medicine for the Brain & Body

While everyone enjoys a massage,…

… you have given me the gift of introspection and understanding about living my life.  As I told you this morning, after last week’s session, I have had no leg pains-zero.  I can’t begin to tell you what that means to me.

Your ability to listen to me, and then transfer your skills into actions that bring such relief, is incredible to me.  I appreciate your direct feedback, along with your encouragement to keep a positive attitude while I walk through this last stage of my journey.  My time with you each week is very special for many reasons.  The peaceful surroundings, your ability to find the areas that need your support, and your generous spirit all provide me with an oasis without pain and the knowledge that you are truly helping me lead a better life.

I just want you to know how grateful and appreciative I am that I have you on my team.  I look forward to each visit with ever increasing confidence and peace.  Bless you for who you are, and your talents to help those in so much need.

Most respectfully,

I have worked with Courtney..

… for almost a year now, both professionally as well as in being her client. I have seen many massage therapists over the past 25 years and I can say that Courtney is one of the finest I have ever experienced. She has a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology and also possesses the less common gift of intuition and touch from the heart. I can highly recommend her and have no reservations in doing so, as I recommend her every week to my own patients.
Dr. JoJo Yonce

I don’t know how to…

… adequately say what a beautiful experience I’ve had working with Courtney. She came into my life after a terrible car accident. I was so traumatized, spiritually and physically. I was bruised from head to toe. My bruises took over five months to go away. Courtney, in those first days lessened that pain, which was a huge gift. After that pain had lessened she did something even more amazing. She’s helped me in my journey to true health- Integration and gratitude about my life. I’ve lost 32lbs. I feel amazing! I had never understood what massage was. Like most people, I believed massage was a self-indulgence that was unnecessary and vain. And I was SO wrong! Now I recognize that the healing touch is one of the most powerful things that we can experience or give. So do yourself a favor, do this for yourself. Not because we need it. We need the air we breathe and water to drink. If you’re on a journey of doing more than just breathing and drinking and earning a living and you recognize there is a powerful, spiritual force in our lives, that most of us ignore. If you want to open some doors to true health and vitality and whatever your personal lessons are, then I whole-heartedly recommend Courtney. It will be a profound journey. She will help you as someone who gives you what you need at that time and helps you figure out your journey.

One of Courtney’s most powerful…

… gifts is her gift of touch and finding places of physical pain and bringing it to the surface and with a true healing touch helps you figure out the corresponding emotional or spiritual pain. Every physical pain has a corresponding reason for it. After identifying she does something to it. You could say she integrates it. That’s another reason why you should go to Courtney. I think we all have these places, these “wounded places”. She helps us to love it into being well again.
-Kira Jahn

What a wonder Courtney…

… has done in my life. I have suffered from back issues for the last 5 years as a result of a ski accident. For the first time, I am pain free. Courtney took the time to listen and treat me as an individual, not just another client walking through the door. She focused her therapy on my needs and as a result the benefit has been amazing.
I highly recommend Courtney ~ Best Massage Therapist in Asheville!!”
Kristen Scott